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See the Invisible
UV Mirror User Manual
Package Contents
UVReveal Stand +
UVReveal Tablet
USB Charging Cable
Getting Started
1. Plug in your UVReveal. If using the powered stand, plug the USB power
cable into the port on the underside of the stand. Or, you may plug the USB
power cable directly into the USB port on the bottom of the UVReveal.
IMPORTANT: The first time you charge your UVReveal, you will need to
charge your unit overnight to receive a full charge.
2. While you will need to charge up your UVReveal overnight the first time,
for normal use, you will charge your UVReveal for a few hours until you see
a small green light in the top-right corner of the UVReveal’s screen.
3. After charging your UVReveal, power it on by pressing the tablet
power button on the side of the unit.
Tablet Power
Button is located
on the side of the
UVReveal tablet.
Tablet Power Button
4. Your unit will boot up and then prompt you to begin the setup process.
You will first see the Welcome Screen.
Followed by Select Your Language Screen:
Welcome Screen
Select your language
Next, you will set up your WiFi:
Then, register your device:
UVReveal Mirror Mode
Once you set up your UVReveal unit, you will need to turn on the UV Lights
to produce the required lighting for our UV camera to work indoors.
Turn on the UV LED lights by pressing the LED Power Button on the back of
the UVReveal:
NOTE: UV lights will automatically
shut o after 3 minutes. If
additional viewing time is desired,
Press the LED Power Button again.
LED Power Button
After you turn on the Skin Unveil, the Main Screen will appear and will show
your face in UV, on a live view screen (this will look like a high resolution
black and white image). There will also be a smaller window on the screen
that shows your face through the Skin Unveil’s natural lighting camera. This
view will appear in color.
You may access and change device settings by tapping the 3-dot icon.
Device settings
light image.
Photo Compare and Share
To take a composite photo that will show your clien’t face through the
detailed view of Skin Unveil’s patented UV camera as well as the same
image of your skin as seen under natural light through the native camera,
simply hold still and press the Camera Icon at the bottom of the Skin Unveil
View and send the compostie photo
After you take the photo, your side by side comparison images will appear
within the ‘send email’ screen. Simply enter the recipient email you’d like to
use and press ‘send’ to email the comparison photo to anyone you want to
send it to, including yourself.
Technical Information
LED Light Source
UV: 365 nm
180 sec
238 mm (L) x 170 mm (W) x 21.7 mm (D)
798 g (UVReveal-8 only)
Kit Weight
2.75 kg
7-10 Ah LiPoly (non-replaceable)
5 V, 50/60 Hz, 2.4 A
Made in USA
For more infromation, please visit:
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