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See the invisible for the first time

UVReveal from Voxelight is one-of-a-kind "truth mirror"

See your skin health in a new way and be empowered to protect and track your your skin health.


Reveal Sunscreen Coverage

Know where your skin is vulnerable and protect it. Get sun-ready with our UVReveal technology.

See Critical Areas of Dry Skin

Identify areas of rough, dry patches.

Reveal Freckles, Moles, and Sun Spots

Seeing the invisible damage empowers you to protect and heal your skin before problem areas become visible.

See the true condition of your skin

Instantly reveal your skin's health. Our UV camera simply reveals the damage than we can't see with our eyes. The damage often appears as dark spots and splotchy areas.

Track your progress

Monitor at a deeper level how your sun protection, anti-aging and skin repair products are working to improve your skin.

Protect your skin EVERY day

Use your UVReveal mirror to check your sun protection. Find the spots you may have missed to make sure you're completely covered.

ZEISS gives customers an eye opening experience with UVReveal

Zeiss used UVReveal units in every Walmart Vision center in the USA to
boost sales for 2019.

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